Sports & Activites


Always wanted to play Golf? Has it been ages for you to play football and cricket but still you want to? Do you want to relive your childhood and indulge into the sports that you once regularly played but can hardly manage opportunities now? If so, then Arunima is the right place for your vacation.
A number of sports activities will keep you busy with your friends and family. The types of sports range from foreign sports to local rural sports. We arrange it all for our guests.


Arunima Offers golfing for golfers as well as non-golfer guests.  Our nine-hole golf course is a challenging course for amateur golfers. That is what makes it fun to play.  We also have a play style that would give the non-golfers an understanding why the seemingly boring game is actually a very very interesting one. 

Rural Sports

Guests can observe and even play rural sports that are rare nowadays. Lathi Khela- It is a sport that involves a number of people exhibiting their skill of rhythmic movement with “Lathi” meaning stick. This entertainment is arranged as per order from the guests.  Ha du du/ Kabadi- For city kids, seeing a game Kabadi, our national sport, will surely be a nice experience.  Nouka Baich- Arunima organizes grand nouka baich. The event takes a whole day and involves millions of spectators standing through both banks of the River Modhumoti.  We also arrange sports like Golla Chut, Daria banda and  other rural sports. 


We have lots of Activites for our guests. Hors Riding, Sports, Swimming, Archery, Fishing etc….