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@ Arunima Resort Golf Club

Arunima Resort Golf Club is a resort built in Panipara, a remote village in Narail district. Situated near the bank of River Modhumoti, Arunima is an apt vacation location to enjoy a range of facilities ranging from river cruise,  pond fishing, horse riding and the likes. Arunima Offers golfing for golfers as well as non-golfer guests.  Our nine-hole golf course is a challenging course for amateur golfers. That is what makes it fun to play.  We also have a play style that would give the non-golfers an understanding why the seemingly boring game is actually a very very interesting one.

Golf Field Size

Discover a golfer’s paradise at Arunima resort golf club, where every hole offers a unique challenge. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and rolling landscapes of our picturesque course. Get ready for an unforgettable golfing experience with a total yardage of 1,679 yards, spread across our nine stunning holes.

Hole 1: 281 Yards of Pure Bliss
Hole 2: 144 Yards of Precision Play
Hole 3: 146 Yards of Scenic Serenity
Hole 4: 108 Yards of Strategic Elegance
Hole 5: 187 Yards of Natural Beauty
Hole 6: 169 Yards of Golfing Nirvana
Hole 7: 174 Yards of Challenge and Charm
Hole 8: 165 Yards of Tranquil Fairways
Hole 9: 305 Yards of Golfing Greatness


Golf Tournaments

Col. Muhammad Faruk Khan M.P. 's interview on 'Golf Tournament 2022-2023'

Committiee Members

SL No. Name Description Membership ID
Maj. Gen. Md. Abdur Rashid PSC G (Retd)
LM- 37
Mohammad Hatem
Vice Chairman
LM- 90
Mesbahuddin Serniabat
Club Captain
LM- 47
Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul
Committee Member
LM- 45
Sardar Mosharrof Hossain
Committee Member
PM- 18
Syed Ishtiaque Reza
Committee Member
LM- 32
S N Manzur Murshed
Committee Member
LM- 28
Md. Aminul Haque Shamim
Committee Member
LM- 64
Ghulum Murshed Latiful Quader,FCA
Committee Member
LM- 28
Md. Abdullah Al Kafi
Committee Member
LM- 04
Md. Mohiuddin Helal
Committee Member
LM -10
Mehdi Amin Chowdhury
Committee Member
LM- 83
Major Anis-Ul- Islam
Committee Member
LM- 85
Sunyat Ahmed
Committee Member
PM- 67
Ulfat Ara Khatun
Committee Member
LM- 46
Jalal Uddin Mohammad Tipu
Committee Member
LM- 81
Tauhida Sultana Runu
Committee Member
LM- 80
Faria Ferdous
Committee Member
LM- 86
Khabir Uddin Ahmed
Committee Member
LM- 38
Dr. Aminul Islam
Committee Member
PM- 02
Irfan Ahmed
Committee Member
LM- 39
Mahmud Al Faisal
Member Secretary
LM- 36

Col. Faruk Khan (retd), MP is the Chief Patron, B.M. Kabirul Haque MP Patron and Mr. Md Mahbub Ali, MP, Hon’ble State Minister to the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism is the Chief Advisor of Arunima Resort Golf Club.

Membership Registration

Please reade the terms & conditions, membership privileges before registration: 

Terms and Conditions for General Membership

  1. Honorable Members are entitled to certain privileges.
  2. The Member is not the owner of Arunima Resort Golf Club or Shareholder of Shabaz Tourism Ltd.
  • The Membership is transferable subjected to a Commission of 30% on the valid market rate during the transfer date, payable to the club.
  1. The company reserves the right to change its rates and tariffs at any time.
  2. The Facilities of Membership would be available to the family members only.
  3. Each Member shall have to pay TK.25, 000/= (Twenty five Thousand only) as entry fee by Cheque to be issued in favor of “Shabaz Tourism Ltd.” City Bank A/ No : 1401355404001
  • Membership is renewable every after two calendar years on Payment of BDT 1000/= (One Thousand Only)

Membership privileges of Arunima Resort Golf Club:

1. Accommodation  in Arunima Resort Golf Club25 % Discount
2. Food and Bar10 % Discount
3. Golf Facilities, others Sports25% Discount
4. Golf practice30 % Discount
5. Rides within Arunima Resort Golf ClubFREE
6. River Cruise at Modhumoti & Nobogonga20%Discount.
7.  Picnic10% Discount
8. Swimming Pool50% Discount
9. Gate Ticket free including family members up to 5 guest10% Discount
10. Party Hall15% Discount


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